Strategic Plan

In response to changing demographics and needs, Centro Hispano has completed its 2021-2022 Strategic Plan organized around four clearly defined and inter-connected themes. 

Centro’s focus on the education of young members of our community and quality of life for the growing population of Spanish-speaking senior citizens who have made Frederick their permanent home.

Centro’s recognition that our organization is an important community anchor providing hope, skills and resources to inter-generational families and residents in all stages of life.

Centro’s reaffirmation that we are a part of a vibrant city and county and that public-private sector partnerships are key to solving complex socio-economic issues to which our youth, young parents and seniors are connected like no generation before.

Centro’s commitment to invest in its own growth underscoring the necessity of building organizational capacity so we are well poised to meet the challenges of expanded services and sustainable new programs.

Read the full 2021-2022 Strategic Plan.