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Citizenship Classes

Obtaining U.S. citizenship is critically-important for immigrants who want to become civically-engaged members of our communities. Part of our core mission is to help immigrants achieve this important milestone. We help guide our clients through the citizenship process from beginning to end, including help filling out and filing the N-400 application form as well as group and one-on-one classes covering all of the essential elements of the citizenship interview:

  • Conversation with the immigration officer

  • The 128-question citizenship test

  • Reading test

  • Writing test

  • N-400 application oral review

We take an integrated approach, which includes helping students:

  • Learn important interviewing strategies

  • Increase their confidence with the interview process

  • Practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English

  • Understand the rights and responsibilities of becoming a United States citizen

We have helped many Frederick residents become proud American citizens; there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing them take the oath of allegiance at their citizenship ceremony. And there’s nothing more fun than the post-ceremony parties we hold in their honor at the Centro offices.

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