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Success Stories


Sara Brunal (Mother of Alicia - at left)

The Éxito experience has been simply incredible, there was not a day that my daughter did not feel happy to be part of all the activities. Her comments at the end of each day were about how interesting the topics were and of course at the end, the only question my daughter had was if she could return next summer. From my point of view as a mother, Éxito means a healthy space where young people learn in a fun way. Each activity is responsible for inspiring their creativity, strengthening self-confidence, fellowship, and the importance of setting goals and working for them.  I hope that this program continues to grow and that more young people and children can have access to Éxito!


Kyan Diaz

"My experience serving in Éxito was very gratifying as I was able to learn and interact with students in our community and serve as a role model while receiving guidance and mentorship from the program coordinators and teachers. I really encourage students that want to grow and are interested to support and serve the community to join the "Éxito" program."

And from Kyan's mom: "The Éxito program is been one of the best experiences that we as a family had.We have seen growth as a leader in our son Kyan and that fills us with great satisfaction and pride. Éxito is a very positive program for our young people since it not only prepares them in the area of Science, Mathematics and Technology but also prepares them to be leaders for tomorrow. Thanks to programs like Éxito, our young people are motivated to be leaders and better human beings in the future."


Elpidio Herrera
Mr. Elpidio Herrera was a star student at Centro Hispano’s citizenship prep classes. He passed the citizenship test on his first try. Here he is pictured holding his much deserved U.S. Naturalization Certificate.

Elpidio now teaches and coaches his peers at Centro Hispano, preparing them for the day they take the citizenship exam.


Carlos R.

“Años Dorados is a wonderful program. I have received a lot of attention and been treated with dignity and respect. I never thought getting together on a weekly basis with my new friends and doing fun activities could make me feel so good.”



“For me, to speak or think about Centro Hispano de Frederick is to feel that I am in my second home. I arrived in this country afraid of facing barriers like not knowing how to speak English, and fear of mobilizing myself being so far away from my family. I still remember that day, when I shyly entered Centro Hispano, not knowing what to say or how they would receive me, and finding the kind face of Magnoris, who helped me in a most professional way, and then learning that I could actually serve as a volunteer, was a life- saving event for me.”


“Being part of Años Dorados means being able to escape, to recapture old feelings of happiness, since many of us are in a different country than our own. I have found at Centro Hispano new friends, and am able to share and receive advice, fun, recreation, educational activities, and more than anything; love.”

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